Your English & German speaking partner in Slovakia

Truxter CNCWe provide cost-efficient production in Slovakia primarily for clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in an association and cooperation network of 8 production companies.

We can deliver the whole product line, ranging from small pieces up to very big parts or ready assembled machines and steel constructions, build according to your documentation.

Our production and assembly complies with the high standards of our quality-demanding clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other western countries.

Slovakia has in its history a long tradition in steel construction and mechanical engineering. Today Slovakia has worldwide one of the highest per capita production of automobile vehicles! 

German quality standards are the norm here, not just because of the long time tradition in mechanical engineering, but also because of the close knit interrelation of the Slovak economy with the economies of the German speaking countries.

The Slovak Republic (Slovakia) is the extended workbench of renowned and world leading machine builders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, right at the eastern fringe of central Europe. Slovakia belongs culturally and traditionally to Europe's core.

  • Co-workers in all production sites: approx. 750.

  • Certifications: ISO 9001, Big Welding Certificate according to DIN 18.800/15018, Ultrasonic and Magnetic particle inspection, Capilar testings, DIN EN 473/ISO 9712, European Welding Federation, International Institute for Welding, Magnetic/NDT - Procedure, Office of Rail Regulation + Certification for the welding of railway and track vehicles.

Our specializations:

- Steel and metal constructions
- High quality steel constructions including mechanical work up
- Mechanical engineering and machine components
- Sheet metal works

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